New language launches on DataCamp (Beta)

As we continue our mission to make DataCamp more accessible for learners globally, DataCamp now offers content in Spanish and Portuguese.

Please note that these languages are still in beta. While we've worked hard to provide a quality learning experience, you may encounter some bugs or limitations. If you encounter any issues or feedback, please submit a support ticket here.

How can I change my language settings?

To switch languages, use the language selector at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can select your language in account settings.

Which features are available in the beta release?

We have prioritized the platform's most popular courses and features to provide an alternate language experience for as many learners as possible. We are also continuing to work on enhancing the experience.

  English Spanish Portuguese
Home + Learn interface
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AI Assistant
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Cheat Sheets - -
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Mobile App interface
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Customer Support requests
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* More than 100 translated courses are available, and we are continuously adding more. Please note that videos within courses are in English with subtitles.                                          

If you have any feedback, please submit a support ticket here.