DataCamp in Spanish (Beta)

As we embark on our initiative to broaden accessibility for Spanish-speaking learners globally, we're delighted to introduce the beta release of DataCamp in Spanish. This marks the initial phase of our endeavor, and we are eager to craft a top-tier Spanish learning experience for our users.

Please note that this release is a beta version, so we’re still in the testing phase. While we've worked hard to provide a quality learning experience, you may encounter some bugs or limitations. If you encounter any issues or feedback, please submit a support ticket here.

How can I use DataCamp in Spanish?

To switch to Spanish, use the language selector at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can select your language in account settings.

Which features are available in Spanish?

We have prioritized the platform's most popular courses and features to provide a Spanish language experience for as many learners as possible. We are also continuing to work on enhancing the Spanish experience.

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Note: course video content is in English, with Spanish subtitles.

Courses available in Spanish

(Note: we will soon be expanding our library of Spanish language courses)

Introduction to SQL Introducción a SQL
Intermediate SQL SQL intermedio
Introduction to Python Introducción a Python
Introduction to R Introducción a R
Introduction to ChatGPT Introducción a ChatGPT
Understanding Data Science Comprender la ciencia de datos
Intermediate Python Python nivel intermedio
Introduction to Power BI Introducción a Power BI
Data manipulation with pandas Manipulación de datos con pandas
Joining Data in SQL Unión de datos en SQL
Supervised Learning with scikit-learn Aprendizaje supervisado con scikit-learn
Understanding Data Engineering Entendiendo la ingeniería de datos
Introduction to Tableau Introducción a Tableau
Data manipulation in SQL Manipulación de datos en SQL
Introduction to Statistics in Python Introducción a la estadística en Python
Understanding Data Visualization Comprender la visualización de datos

If you have any feedback, please submit a support ticket here.