Updates to Certifications - March 2024

On March 14th 2024 we are making some changes to our certifications. 

We are constantly reviewing our certification requirements as part of our commitment to ensuring that our certifications align with industry expectations. Following a recent review, we will be realigning the levels awarded for some of our certifications as outlined below. 

From March 14th:

  • We will no longer award Professional level certifications. They will be renamed, removing the “Professional” designation.
  • We will remove the Python requirements from the Data Engineer Associate Certification.
Current Name Name from March 14th 2024 Requirement Changes Study Guide (for registrations from March 14th)
Data Analyst Associate Certification Data Analyst Associate Certification No change -
Data Analyst Professional Certification Data Analyst Certification Name change only Updated Study Guide
Data Scientist Associate Certification Data Scientist Associate Certification No change -
Data Scientist Professional Certification Data Scientist Certification Name change only Updated Study Guide
Data Engineer Associate Certification Data Engineer Associate Certification Python will no longer be tested.  Updated Study Guide



If I already have the professional certification, will the name change?

No. If you have already been awarded a certification, the name on your certificate will stay the same. We will make sure you are able to demonstrate what you had to do to earn the certification on the date it was awarded to you.

What if I am part way through the certification process on the day of the change? What certification will I be awarded?

You will be awarded the certification as it was named on the day that you registered for the certification process.

So if you register for Data Scientist Professional on March 13th but don’t pass until after March 14th, your certificate will show the name “Data Scientist Professional”.

What about Data Engineer? Will the requirements change part way through the certification process?

No, you will complete the process that you start. So if you register before March 14th, you will need to complete a Python exam as well as the SQL exam. If you register after March 14th, you will only need to complete the SQL exam.

What resources should I use to prepare for the new certifications?

All of the resources that we currently provide will apply to the new certifications and you can refer to the study guides on each of the certification pages and linked above.

Is there going to be a Data Engineer Certification?

Yes, we are actively working on a Data Engineer Certification which will be more advanced than our Data Engineer Associate Certification. We expect to launch in the coming months.