DataCamp Content Updates: June 2023

On June 29, DataCamp will make some improvements to our content catalog, including renaming and updating courses and tracks.

Course Changes

Course Deprecations

Course Title Recommended Alternative
Command Line Automation in Python Data Processing in Shell


Renamed Courses

Starting June 29 the following courses will have new names. Please note that the content of these courses is otherwise unchanged.

Current Course Title New Course Title
Developing R Packages Creating R Packages
AI Fundamentals  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concepts in Python


Track Changes

Data Analyst in SQL

Change: Course order


Data Analyst in Power BI

Removed Content Added Content
User-oriented Design in Power BI n/a


Data Literacy Professional

Removed Content Added Content
n/a Forming Analytical Questions
  Data Literacy Case Study: Remote Working Analysis 


Next Steps for Learners and Admins

  • DataCamp learners can choose to switch to the updated track. Alternatively, you can continue to make progress on the original track. Don’t worry; you will not have to repeat any chapters you’ve already completed whatever option you choose. Read the following article to learn more: How do I switch to an updated track version?
  • Your custom tracks and assignments will automatically update to reflect the new content and members already enrolled in these tracks can choose to switch to the updated version. If you would like to edit your existing assignments, please read the following article to learn more: Editing and managing an assignment