DataCamp Certification: Frequently Asked Questions

With Datacamp's new Certification, you now have the tools you need to land your dream job in Data Science and upskill yourself and your organization. From proving your skills with an industry-trusted brand, to resume reviews and interview prep—we’ve got you covered.

Do I need a subscription to access the Certification?

DataCamp's Certification is currently available to individual subscribers and members of business subscriptions.

Why does my Certification Coding Challenge time out?

Note: The following instructions are for the Certification Coding Challenge only.

For notebook issues during a Certification Coding Challenge, we first recommend resetting the notebook.

See article: Why won't my Project submit?

  • Click the reset project button (as described below), which will clear your code and reset the project.
  • If you want to keep your progress, follow these instructions:
  1. On the Jupyter Notebook toolbar, select File > Download As, and select either Python (.py) or R (.R), which will download to your local computer.


  2. Once your code has been saved, click the rest project button and confirm the reset.
  3. Scroll to the bottom code cell and paste the contents of your downloaded file (.py or .R) into this cell:
  4. Click Check Project and validate the project works again!

Can I switch between Python and R?

Yes! For each assessment and coding challenge, you can select either Python or R, as well as retry the assessment with the other technology. Your best attempt will count towards your Certification.

Can I retry assessments and the coding challenge?

Yes, you can! Your best attempt will count towards your Certification.

How often can I take the assessment?

At the moment, you are only allowed to start a new assessment if there are fewer than 2 completed assessments in the last 7 days.

Why can I get a few questions incorrect and still receive a very high/low score?

DataCamp's skill assessments are based on computerized adaptive testing, implying that each question you are presented with is based on your history of responses during the assessment. (For example, if you get many questions correct, you will be presented with increasingly advanced questions.)

For this reason, responding incorrectly to a few advanced questions can still yield a very high score, whereas responding correctly to more introductory questions will more likely result in a lower score than reflected by the total number of correctly answered questions.

Can I present my case study in a language other than English?

At this time, the case study needs to be presented in English.

Is certification still in beta?

Yes, it is still in beta, so we roll out changes very frequently.  However, we try to keep the impact minimal and guarantee that the reliability of the certification itself will remain high.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions or feedback related to certification, please submit your inquiry here. Our Support team is happy to help!