DataCamp Promo March 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my current subscription if I upgrade to a Teams plan?

If an account with an individual subscription is enrolled in a group with an active Teams subscription, then the Teams license will replace the individual subscription, and a pro-rata refund will generate for the individual subscription's remainder. 

Once a Teams plan ends, the individual accounts will retain their progress, and individuals can continue with a new subscription.

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Can members pay individually?

A Teams plan must be purchased with a single, centralized payment, generally from the Teams admin, i.e. a Teams subscription with eight licenses must be purchased in one transaction. 

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What happens when I want to renew my subscription? 

Like our individual plans, a Teams subscription will automatically renew. You can manage your subscription via your group's account settings.

What are the differences between a Premium and a Teams subscription?

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  • Individual Subscription: Individual subscribers have access to over 350 courses and other content for their own personal learning needs.
  • DataCamp for Business: DataCamp for Business's admins create a DataCamp group with distributable licenses for members of your organization. Admins also have access to the Group Hub with a centralized payment system and tools like reporting and assignments.

More information on DataCamp for Business can be found here:

Is a Teams subscription for a group of friends or is it for businesses only? 

Anyone can purchase DataCamp Teams!