Azure Active Directory SSO Configuration Instructions

This section is only meant for DataCamp Enterprise administrators that are setting up SSO with Azure as their IDP. Only proceed if you have read and understood our SSO documentation.

Azure Active Directory Configuration Instructions

Configure the application on Azure AD

Follow the instructions on the official Azure AD documentation page on integrating with DataCamp: Tutorial: Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) integration with DataCamp

In the “Configure DataCamp SSO” section, the official documentation instructs you to send the copied URLs and raw certificate to the DataCamp Support Team. If you choose to set it up yourself, follow the instructions below.

Configuration on DataCamp

In the “DataCamp” application under your Azure AD’s Enterprise Applications, navigate to the “Single sign-on” tab and copy the following values over to your DataCamp SSO settings page:

  1. Copy the “Azure AD Identifier” value from Azure AD into the Entity ID / Issuer URL field in your DataCamp SSO Settings page

  2. Copy the “Login URL” value from Azure AD into the Login URL / SSO Endpoint field

  3. Download the Certificate (Base64) from Azure AD, copy the contents into the IdP Certificate field

  4. Save your changes on DataCamp

See the screenshot below for a sample DataCamp application on Azure AD that highlights the relevant fields that should be copied over.