Auth0 SSO Configuration Instructions

This section is only meant for DataCamp Enterprise administrators that are setting up SSO with OneLogin as their IDP. Only proceed if you have read and understood our SSO documentation.

Auth0 Configuration Instructions

In the Applications menu, create a new application (name it “DataCamp”) and choose the appropriate application type.

In the new application, under the “Addons” tab, enable the SAML2 add-on.

In the screen that appears:

  1. Under the “Settings” tab:

    1. Copy the Recipient / Assertion Consumer URL value from the DataCamp SSO settings page into the Application Callback URL field. Save your changes on Auth0.

    2. Insert the following JSON into the Settings field:


      2 "mappings": {
      3 "email": "",
      4 "given_name": "",
      5 "family_name": ""
      6 }


    3. Under the “Usage” tab, copy the following values over to the DataCamp SSO settings page:

      1. Copy the Issuer value from Auth0 into the Entity ID / Issuer URL field on DataCamp

      2. Copy the Identity Provider Login URL value from Auth0 into the Login URL / SSO Endpoint field on DataCamp

      3. Download the Identity Provider Certificate and copy its contents into the IdP Certificate field on DataCamp

      4. Save your changes on DataCamp.